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Pretty Deadly Words #2

Welcome, welcome- my beloved nemesis’, despised friends’ and unknown strangers’ from the far off corners of the internet. Welcome to my blog!

hello and welcome back to the second pretty deadly words post! here’s a bit about it:

What is it about?
Pretty Deadly Words is a monthly meme for writers. it’s co-hosted by ash @inkwordsandash and anoushka @dippedinink. each month we will post ten questions for you to answer. they’ll be based on your writing project and your writing in general. it’s designed to help you understand your plot, characters, their personality traits, flaws (etc) and your writing style!

and you can check out the FAQ and first post here. before we dive into the questions, a shoutout and thank you to everyone who participated last month ❤ i LOVED reading their answers, click on the link to check them out yourself!

Riddhi @ Whispering Stories
Lotus @ Pages of Starlight

here are this month’s questions!

1. how did you get your idea for your current WiP?
2. is this your first WiP?
3. have you ever cowritten before and if yes, would you do it again?
4. tell us the genre of your WiP!
5. pitch of current WiP (eg, aces of spades is pitched as ‘get out’ meets ‘gossip girl’ but make it black and queer)
6. what’s the premise?
7. do you have an aesthetic?? if yes, do share it!
8. what are you enjoying the most, while writing this?
9. are you facing any difficulties, if yes do share! people might be able to help you out ❤
10. and finally, summarise your WiP in (only) five words!

i’ll be answering a little later as i am utterly swamped with ✨life✨
looking forward to reading everyone’s answers :]

thanks for reading!
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-ash ❤

PS: happy pride everyone!


Recommending Books Based on a Taylor Swift Songs|| A collab with Nashita @booksandbrownies!

Welcome, welcome- my beloved nemesis’, despised friends’ and unknown strangers’ from the far off corners of the internet. Welcome to my blog!


whenever i listen to a song, i subconsciously find myself connecting it to a book, maybe it’s the lyrics, the tune or the way it made me feel… 9/10 times i ‘assign’ books to songs! it turns out that Nashita @booksandbrownies does the same too! she runs her own book blog, where she screams about taylor swift songs, inej ghafa (six of crows) and shares yummy recipes! go show her blog some love :))

so i had the idea that we could collaborate together- she’s given her top ten taylor swift* songs and i’m recommending books to her, based on the vibes and lyrics!!

the reason i’m posting a recommendation list on a monday, not wednesday/friday is because today is nashita’s sixteenth! the books have been kept a secret as a bit of a surprise ❤ happy birthday darling, i hope you enjoy this post and the book recommendations! i’m so stoked to have one of my best friends doing a collab with me 🥺💖

without further ado, let’s get to the song-recs! all book titles linked!

*if you’re asking why *only* swift…then that’s because i can’t assign books to non-taylor songs, it’s a physical incapability lol.