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Pretty Deadly Words//a *writing* collab-meme in which we screech incoherently about writing!

Welcome, welcome- my beloved nemesis’, despised friends’ and unknown strangers’ from the far off corners of the internet. Welcome to my blog!

hi hi everyone, i’m bubbling with excitement today!! it has been stewing in the pot for a while & i’m so glad i finally get to share this today!! *drumroll* anoushka @dippedinink and i have decided to make a meme together, titled ‘pretty deadly words’! it is about words (obviously) which are pretty (obviously) and more importantly, it’s a meme where we writers can SHRIEK ABOUT OUR WIPs WITHOUR JUDGEMENT!!

there’s a quick FAQ below and then the questions which we (anoushka and i) will also be answering in our respective blogs!

What is it about?
Pretty Deadly Words is a monthly meme for writers. it’s co-hosted by ash @inkwordsandash and anoushka @dippedinink. each month we will post ten questions for you to answer. they’ll be based on your writing project and your writing in general. it’s designed to help you understand your plot, characters, their personality traits, flaws (etc) and your writing style!

Why is it called ‘Pretty Deadly Words’?
words and both be dazzling and dangerous, we wanted to showcase that in our title ❤ also anoushka says it sounds ‘dangerous’ and that about settles it 😂

When is it starting and how to i participate?
the meme will be live on the first week of every month and you’ll be able to answer the questions throughout the month! we’ll paste the questions at the top of the post, you can copy-paste them to your blog and answer them! be sure to link to the post so we can read your answers ❤ (today is the first post btw!) and a quick note! be sure to link up to your specific post, not your entire blog!

Can i submit questions to ‘Pretty Deadly Words’?
yes of course! if you would like to submit questions, you can comment on a ‘Pretty Deadly Words’ post on inkwordsandash or dippedinink or in the contact form below attached at the end of the post! if you enter your blog name in, we will credit you with the question(s)!

here are the questions!

  1. When was the first time you ever thought: “You know what? Words are pretty amazing and the real world sucks. I think i shall be happier living between words instead” and then gladly took up the amazing hobby of writing and daydreaming between science essays and english finals? (how long have you been writing)
  2. Do you generally type out your novels because the clicky-clacky noise of the computer keys is YOUR FAVORITE or do you prefer the good old pen on paper method where you can torture more trees and bring them under your cruel rule? (do you type or handwrite and why)
  3. Genre that you otherwise refer to as the love of your magically miserable writing life? Also what is the genre you are most fond of / fill entire computer memories (or blank notebooks, WHICHEVER YOU PREFER) with? (what’s your most written genre and favourite genre to write?)
  4. Spill your treasonous secrets that might just lead to your death: are you a plotter or pantser?? If plotter, SHOW ME YOUR DELICIOUSLY INFURIATING PROCESS while trying not to brag too much about it, YOU BLACK-NOSED OLIVE. (plotter or pantser? tell us how you go about creating your stories!) 
  5. How do you come up with character names without losing all of your remaining braincells and also possibly hair?? (how do you come up with character names?)
  6. First novel you ever wrote/dreamed about and were scolded for unhealthily obsessing over (in your head of course) during the middle of a physics class? (what’s the first novel you thought of?)
  7. Do you ever just fling your pen across the room and dramatically collapse on your bed because you’ve hit a block? If yes, how do you kick the slump and if no, GIVE ME YOUR MAGICAL POWERS!! (do you ever hit a writers block? if yes, then how do you get out of it and if no, how do you avoid it?) 
  8. What event prompted you to lose all your remaining sanity and retreat into the woods, madly scribbling story ideas and muttering possible titles under your breath (what got you into writing?)
  9. What force keeps you in this world of mad magic? (what motivates you to continue writing?)
  10. What was the first genre you headfirst dived into? do you still splash in its waters? (what genre did you originally dabble in? do you still write it?)

aaand that’s it! the ten questions for you to answer ❤️ below are my answers!


  1. i’ve always been a little in love with writing since childhood, i first started when i was around seven, i think? but i began taking writing seriously when i was around nine-ten!
  2. that depends on the type of book i’m writing. if it’s a one i’ll be writing over a long period of time, i handwrite it in my journal and if it’s a one i know i’m going to speed-write, i’ll type it out on a google document (as i can access it from anywhere!) and in general, i prefer handwriting for outlines + first drafts and typing for rewrites.
  3. the title of ‘most written’ genre goes to fantasy! my favourite genre changes from time to time 😂but currently it’s fantasy x horror with cottagecore vibes ahh ✨
  4. can i cheat and say ‘both’?? lol. this one depends on the story too haha. if it’s extremely complex or if i’m writing it for something like, say NaNoWriMo then i plot, if it’s for fun then i go with the flow. and sometimes i do both in the same story haha.
  5. nameberry is a LIFESAVER. also i tweak around with real names aha.
  6. i don’t remember it very well 👀it was a boarding school story set in the british countryside with a tea shop?? i think??
  7. yes i do hit a writers block! and i just…continue writing. or (i) switch the point of view (ii) switch to another story (iii) not-write for a month. these usually help me get out of it!
  8. i’m wildly in love with reading, to me writing -back then- was just another form of it. like a mirror to reading.
  9. umm.. the ideas i get, tbh 😂 i get so many ideas i literally need to write! also the dream of being a published author. ah…
  10. coming of age contemporary! and yes! i adore coming of age- it is my writing birthplace! also they’re 1000x easier to write lol.

that’s about it! this is the first post in the pretty deadly words series. i look forward to reading your answers ❤ do head over to anouska’s blog to read her answers! (she will be posting them sometime this month!)

21 thoughts on “Pretty Deadly Words//a *writing* collab-meme in which we screech incoherently about writing!

  1. This sounds like so much fun! I can’t wait to participate! I do have a question, we can post the answers to the questions any day between the third of the current month and the next one, right?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ASH I AM INSANELY EXCITED (did i mention that already?) AHHHHHHHH!! You have successfully convinced me to try writing contemporaries one of these days, SO TYSM FOR THAT! also YOU HANDWRITE TOO???? i always thought i was the odd-one-out who preferred pens and paper BUT I’M NOT ALONE ANY LONGER!!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. 1. As long as I can remember, off and on. I wrote stories sometimes in childhood. I remember writing poems and a short novel semi-seriously at age 18. (I’m old now)
    2. Type. My brain works too fast for writing by hand.
    3. Probably coming-of-age stories, because I can relate. My current project is an episodic continuing story about a university student figuring out life. It can probably also be classified as pop culture nostalgia, since it is set in 1997. (https://dontletthedaysgoby.home.blog/)
    4. Plot. I’m a very detailed storyteller.
    5. Many of the characters in this project are based on people I know, or knew at one time, who don’t know I’m writing about them. But just to keep it straight in my head, I’ll often give them the same initials as in real life, or a name that sounds similar or rhymes with their real name, or a name that has some other connection to the person’s actual name (like a real person named Summer becoming a character named Autumn, because they’re both seasons). For other works that aren’t so much based in reality, I kind of just pick a name that sounds good, and is appropriate for the time period (i.e., for a story set in the USA in 1997, I’m not going to name an old lady Brittany, because almost all the Brittanys in the USA 1997 were little kids or teenagers.
    6. A lot of coming-of-age type stuff happened to me when I was 17, so my first novel was a fictionalized version of that year of my life. Kind of like what I’m doing now, except my current character is just a little older.
    7. I take a break and come back to it.
    8. I like stories. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h-QUGuB76-A)
    9. I still like stories. And I hope that my story can inspire someone else.
    10. 🤷‍♂️



    Even though I’m not a writer,( I write like once a month purely to restrain myself from going insane from boredom) I’M STILL GOING TO JOIN AND FAKE IT TILL I MAKE IT AHHAHA, hey maybe I’ll finally get some writing done?? Do help though because I’m absolutely clueless when it comes to writing lol

    ALSO THE NAME SOUNDS DAZZLING AND SPECTACULAR?? and it does sound dangerous heheh I’M ALL IN.

    And I love these questions so much, they’re so innovative!

    I cant wait to answer these amazing questions and take part in this project held by the amazing strawberry lover and deadly olive queen, wishing you both all the best with this 💖💖💫💫


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