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The Trope Tag! (because i seriously don’t have a better name) [ORIGINAL]

Welcome, welcome- my beloved nemesis’, despised friends’ and unknown strangers’ from the far off corners of the internet. Welcome to my blog!

hi hi everyone, today i’m doing something different! i’ve created a ‘trope tag’- i created this tag back in february but actually sat down and formatted it today ❤
there are ten questions related to common/popular book tropes and you need to answer them with books that made you feel that way/put you in that situation. also i don’t have a better name, so ‘trope tag’ it is lmao.

eg: the prompt might be ‘enemies to lovers’ so you need to name a book you previously hated but now adore! i hope you enjoy this, rules below then the questions followed by me doing the tag ❤

-mention the creator of the tag and pingback to the original post (Ash @inkwordsandash)
-tag 3+ people
-lastly, enjoy!!

click here to get the questions!
ENEMIES TO LOVERS a book you formerly hated/disliked but now love!

SECOND CHANCE a book you previously did-not-finish but now adore!

LOVE TRIANGLE a duology where you love both the books

FRIENDS TO LOVERS a book recommended to you that you enjoyed

INSTA-LOVE a book you knew you would love (at first sight)

THE CHOSEN ONE your all time favourite (of the year/month/[x] genre)

FORBIDDEN LOVE a loved book you don’t talk about often

SECRET BILLIONAIRE a book you read and enjoyed before you knew it was popular

FOUND FAMILY your most cherished books!

FORCED PROXIMITY a required-reading book you read and enjoyed

a book you formerly hated/DISLIKED but now love!

yes i, *gasp* did not enjoy the book thief and to kill a kingdom the first time i read it! i read both these books for the first time back in 2020 and HATED TKAK so much fdshjhjfgh. and i hated TBT?? like?? i very much do not recognise the person i was two years ago-. i seriously thank the person i was in 2021 for rereading these two books- i’m wholly obsessed now. i can get behind disliking this is how you lose the time war– i actually first-read it back in january and disliked it because of the flowery language. the writing is dedicant and indulgent- sometimes a bit too much- still, i’m glad i reread it because GUESS WHO’S IN LOVE NOW?? yep, me.

a book you previously did-not-finish but now adore!

i read the first few chapters of the cruel prince and found it bORING. i found a book about morally grey characters and rEVENGE and fae boring. who the hell was i in 2020?? i disliked night circus last year too, but i can understand that lol. i had zero tolerance for lyrical-poetic-writing back then. …not me hoping that i might add raven cycle to this list one day… (i REALLY WANT TO LOVE IT ahhhh)

a duology where you love both the books!

i have a problem with these two duologies. I SIMPLY CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THEM. i need moreeee !! chloe gong has answered our prayers and is publishing another series (foul lady fortune) set in the same universe as these violent delights that has cameo appearances from some beloved characters, so my TVD obsession will be -temporarily- satiated… but what about MY DARLING CROWS?? there’s supposed to be a third six of crows book but there’s no further news, ah.
i literally can’t pick a favourite when it comes to these books, in both duo’s both the books are as brilliant as each other.

a book recommended to you that you enjoyed!

i’m only doing this for books i’ve read this year because if i did overall, there would be 50+ books. NOT exaggerating! dial a for aunties was recommended to me by stuti and reading it was literally one of the best decisions i ever made. sure, the ending-ish part about the gun and ‘murder’ was ridicules but it was so much fun i didn’t care!
criminal intentions and crier’s war were recommended to me by bhavya and ahhh they’re! so! freaking! good! CI is an abnormally long series -currently on book six- and it’s genuinely diverse and the cHARACTERS good god i love them so damn much. guys.. just READ IT. CW has been described as ‘jude x cardan (from folk of the air) but make it sapphic’ and Y E S
i found the first book okayish but the second was amazing!!
last night at the telegraph club was recommended to me by many of my goodreads-friends last year but dante convinced me to read it! this one was a blast too and also hit too close to home. it spoke about how it is to grow up as a queer person of colour -and though this is set in the 1900’s it was so relatable-
i can’t remember WHICH book by adiba jaigidar anoushka convinced me to read (i have the memory of a goldfish lmao) but i love both of them so very much!! they’re so very sapphic and unapologetically bengali!! and we need more queer muslim characters in media.

a book you knew you would love (at first sight)!

from the first page -heck, the first line– i knew i would love verity in all it’s fucked up glory. and gosh, i did love it. it’s unhinged, twisted and DARK and basically my type of book. the only thing that i disliked was the romance between the MC (shh…. i forgot her name lmao) and Jeremy. it didn’t feel needed. and yes this is as dark and disturbing as people say it is-
and as for jasmine throne?? if you’ve been on my blog for more than five seconds you’d know that i was eager to read it and a intensely in love (my affections are WHOLLY YOURS book!) with it so i don’t think i need to elaborate, lol.

your all time favourite (of the year/month/[x] genre)!

(i’ve taken april 2022)

am i my worst enemy by forcing myself to pick a favourite?? y e s
i truly cannot chose between these two books so i’m going to call it a tie. nothing -absolutely nothing– i read this year will top these two books. does my body offend you is a much needed book on feminism, white feminism and how voices of women of colour are viewed as unimportant. just, read this. if there’s one book you have to read this month- let it be this.
these violent delights– y’all, where do i START?? this reminded me a little of jack and august from the wicker king but 1000x darker and more ✨dark academia✨ there’s something so deeply twisted about this book- you KNOW it’s going to end up in flames but you still read on, like a moth drawn to a candle. it’s about being queer and jewish and mentally ill in the 1970’s and having the privilege of being cis and white.
while i LOVE this i would tentatively recommend this because this is a little uh, disturbing…

a loved book you don’t talk about often!

ooh so i had to think about this one for a while because if i love a book there’s a 99% chance i WILL have shrieked about it on here! i barely talk about the false prince and that is a CRIME because it’s so ADDICTIVE fksfdjsjh. sage, the MC is a sarcastic lil’ daredevil and i am 1000% certified t.r.a.s.h. for them! and the found family that’s present in books 2 & 3 is to die for ahh. this is lower YA and i’d highly recommend it if you want to read a light medieval fantasy! (i haven’t read books 4 & 5 so idk how good they are)

a book you read and enjoyed before you knew it was popular!

(consider city of bones a placeholder for the shadowhunter chronicles)

i read this books when i was what- 7? 8? 9? i remember i was 7 when i got sucked into the riordanverse, probably 9 when i started shadowhunters. i’m not being hyperbolic when i say these books were my childhood. they literally made me into the person i am today and they mean so much to me fkgjfhsjkfh.

a required-reading book you read and enjoyed!

my school choses terribly thin books for required reading OR they chose freaking shakespeare ughh. the boy on the wooden box was literally the only book i enjoyed, lol.
back in 4th grade everyone disliked this book because it was s.a.d.
guess who liked it because it was sad and heart wrenching?? yes, me 🤣this book and summerlost started my love affair with devastating books and i haven’t been the same ever since-

your most cherished books!!

if i listed all of my favourites this post would be l.o.n.g. so i’m going to keep it crisp and say- every book that i’ve rated 4 or 5 stars! my personality is a mosaic of every book i’ve cherished.

and as for the tagging:
anoushka @dippedinink
rachel @abookwormsparadise
riddhi @whisperingstories
nashita @booksandbrownies
harshita @wordsonfleek
elena @wordsanddaggers
naemi @abookowlscorner
suhani @arandomreadersramblings
and you!

don’t feel obligated to do the tag ❤


thanks for reading!
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-ash ❤

4 thoughts on “The Trope Tag! (because i seriously don’t have a better name) [ORIGINAL]

  1. Oooooh, this is such a cool tag!! 🤩 How did your amazing brain even come up with this?! 🤯 Anyway, I’m really excited to do this, so thank you so much for tagging me! (Let’s see if I actually get to it before the year is over, though, with my horrible tendencies when it comes to doing tags in a veeeery untimely manner 🙈🤣 I will try my best!!!)

    And OMG, who even were you back then? How could anyone not love the Night Circus and The Book Thief immediately? 😲 I’m definitely glad you’ve come around since! 😁 And Anoushka is also responsible for making me read The Henna Wars, and I totally agree with you – that recommendation was A+++ 🤗 And yay, another OG Percy Jackson fan!


  2. sage is ACTUALLY one of the funniest characters in YA and i will die on that hill! omg i’m glad you ended up loving both the cruel prince and the night circus bc both of those are favorites of mine hehe. hope you’re having happy reading!💜


  3. THIS IS SUCH AN UNIQUE IDEA WHAT?!?!? And ohh I recently read to kill a kingdom and tbh I was a bit underwhelmed with it  I guess this is my sign to reread it now huh?
    AND THE RAVEN CYCLE omg I really hope you adore it!! I did find the second book to be loads better so I hope you give it a second chance ❤
    THIS IS A REMINDER FOR ME TO READ TVD ,, I PROMISE THE TIME SHALL COME SOON! And ahh I can’t really imagine there being a third SOC book, I don’t think I would ever be able to accept it!
    (sorry for the short comment eekk, I have a long night of schoolwork ahead!!)


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