Instructions for Dancing-Nicola Yoon

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it doesn’t matter that love ends. it just matters that there’s love

ohhh hell, this book! i thought that i would be getting myself into another cute, instalove-y romance, similar to yoon’s previous books. someone really should’ve warned me that this would pierce my heart and make my cry.

although the blurb isn’t misleading, -it sums up the start of the book perfectly- it definitely gives the image of a tender, starry eyed romance which this book is not. it follows evie, who became cynical after her dad had an affair with another woman and left her mother.
a while after her dad’s affair, evie mysteriously acquires the ability to see the end of the romance of any kissing couple. this further leads to her distrust in romance

kinda predictable, right? cut out the magical realism aspect and this could be your cliché romance:
girl meets boy. guy promises to change girl’s mind. girl falls in love with guy. aaaand everyone lives happily ever after.
yeah, no.

despite how it might seem, this is not a love story

it is not a love story, rather it is about loving wholly, despite knowing that it will end. about living life fully despite the hurt and anguish- that maybe some things are worth the pain.
this message has been said over and over again, in hundreds of books but the way the theme and message was incorporated, separated it from other preachy books.

the ending left me in tears. it’s quite easy to guess but i somehow this 300 page novel wriggled its way into my heart.

TW/CW for Cheating in a relationship, depression, break-ups, divorce, death of a friend (recounted), car Accident and death due to car accident (recounted) discussions about death and afterlife, mention of death due to heart issues, grief and alcohol consumption.

i read this book through some tough times (should’ve checked the trigger warnings haha) maybe that made a difference and heightened my experience. maybe i wouldn’t enjoy it if i read it now.
regardless, this changed my perspective and hit hard.

so, if i loved it so much, then why 4 stars (and not five)
well.. this is that awkward moment when i shrug and weakly laugh ‘cause i don’t know the answer either. it just didn’t hit That Specific Spot of 5 stars. it was a touch too cheesy and i wish the magical realism aspect had been explained better.

these are just minute dislikes though, i’ll definitely be on the lookout as for what Yoon writes next.

…it’s a bit funny y’know, how most of the YA books that promise romance, break my heart and those that promise tears, make me swoon and laugh.

give this a chance if you like bittersweet romcoms that’ll break and make your heart.

The problem with broken hearts isn’t that they kill you. It’s that they don’t

thanks for reading!
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-ash ❤

9 thoughts on “Instructions for Dancing-Nicola Yoon

  1. ahhh this seems so beautiful!! I’ve loved nicola yoon’s other books but I just haven’t gotten the time to read this one yet eeek 🤣🤣!! adored your review so much!!! ❤

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