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What Happened in March?|| ft being DEAD in the bookish community + 3 books in a day [!!?] and a month i don’t remember passing by

Welcome, welcome- my beloved nemesis’, despised friends’ and unknown strangers’ from the far off corners of the internet. Welcome to my blog!


i only have three things to say. (1) WHEN did this month get over?? (2) i want a refund of the 20 days of my life 😭 (3) what in the hellish hell was this month?? LITERALLY. my thoughts regarding this month are one gigantic question mark.

this month was only redeemed by the last ten days, lol. march’s always feel like hazy nightmares, half forgotten memories tangled together…. this one was no different. if i could summarize it in five words it would be: BOOKS//stress// WRITING IDEAS//stressss
also bloggy slumps 😔a terrible blogging slump! i’m still not out of it, incase you’re wondering… *sigh*

but READING! let’s talk about my reading because w o w i am so delighted with my reading! i read thirteen books -fifteen if you’re counting secrets of blackthorn hall- and i am ✨gasp✨ satisfied for once! this month was brilliant reading wise, i found so many favourites (!!) as good as dead//the new girl//dial a for aunties//the wicker king//crier’s war duology//the night circus

especially night circus gosh i can’t get that book out of my head! the song ‘enchanted‘ by taylor swift reminds me of night circus, every single time i listen to it. (everyday… that’s everyday… i’m addicted to both the song and the book HELP)

no but this ‘mysterious life’ title actually makes sense for once 😭 the mysterious aspect what happened in the month of march. mystery march… hmm… i also read five mystery-thriller books (YES I’M GOING BACK TO MY MYSTERY ROOTS!!) so, it’s fitting. the highlight of this month -along with reading a whooping 18 books- was my WRITING

i got 6876786 writing ideas and i did not actually…write anything minus a few essays but i’m counting on april for writing a new draft 🙌 not brand new 👀 -i haven’t written a first draft since before the pandemic- but a rewrite of my (first) complete book! it’s a highschool mystery with cruel teachers and tight friends and holy heck, it’s so boring! i did a reread a few weeks ago, 2018 me was atrocious in writing! i’m going to add soft ghosts and make it queer- ALSO MURDER because y e s
i desperately want to get back into writing full length books and actually COMPLETING them, so here’s to hoping april full-fills that wish! i got like twelve new ideas -no i’m scarcely exaggerating- and i need to WRITE an outline. will i though 👀 probably not this decade, lol. i’m back in my writing era, i can feel it in my BONES AND I AM SO EXCITEEEED INCASE YOU COULDN’T GUESS.

sometimes i wonder if i miss the writing part more or the aesthetic of writing, lol. is this a universal thing with writers? if yes, please tell me so that i know i’m not alone 😂

please god let this be me getting back into my writing-high I’M BEGGING YOU.

…enjoy this bullet point about march!

-enchanted. literally just that//i love love LOVE the song so!!much!! the beginning is pure perfection 😭❤️ “there i was again tonight/forcing laughter faking smiles/same old tired lonely place/walls of insincerity, shifting eyes and vacancy” it also reminds me of a relationship in a book of mine, so it’s on repeat! also it gives me intense celia and marco vibes (characters from the night circus) the constant reminder of them is doing NOTHING to help me get over TNC btw.

-remember the time i said tests were fun//hAHAHAHA -no. my new academic year has just begun and i’m already dying under textbooks. rip my freedom.

-i’ve been toying with google earth and…WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME THAT YOU COULD GO *INSIDE* MUSEUMS//am i the last person on earth to know this fact?? probably 😭 i’ve used google earth for over five years but i finally explored it on tuesday and damnn why did i not know this before??

-mystery books..i’m going back to my bookish roots!//see, fantasy and contemporary might have been my most read genres of 2022 BUT MY ROOTS ARE MYSTERY. middle grade mystery novels ✨ they were my roti-lentil* when it came to books!! i read the entire good girl’s guide to murder trilogy, the new girl and the book of cold cases! afjdkslad i missed mystery!!

-speaking of, good girl’s guide to murder was a t.o.t.a.l. disappointment//BUT THE SEQUEL WAS EVERYTHING I TELL YA. i also adored the third and final book ahh. but good girl. bad blood (AGGGTM #2) wins!!

-and the wicker king oh my goddd//can i just say that the authors note KILLED me?? because i was literally crying in the train at 2am😭 i desperately want to do a reread now that i know the ending! also, i want a SEQUEL… and more rina. p l e a s e

-I FINALLY READ DIAL A FOR AUNTIES//it was a blast, in case you’re wondering! it was so hilarious -though a tad unrealistic at times- i was truly laughing on every page.

-yes so let’s talk about that time i read three books in a day btw//i-i was sick and supposed to be resting but instead i went ahead and binged THREE BOOKS NO I AM NOT ALRIGHT. the new girl, the book of cold cases and one more which i can’t remember… completely ruined my eyes but on the plus side i at least got ahead on my reading challenge??

-also crier’s war…. WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT THAT//y’all.. it’s so sapphic and unapologetically QUEER i cannot take it! also it has some of the BEST platonic bonds!! please just excuse me while i!! flail over the sibling bonds!! AND AYLA AND BENJY KFGDSFDHSFHJ PLATONIC SOULMATES!!
and and, no spoilers but it has one of the best sibling bonds ever, especially in the sequel and -don’t mind me- i’m merely DYING over it!!

so uh, it’s very obvious that reading was the highlight of the month and blogging was very much not, haha.


umm… i fiddled with the post-calendar a bit and because of that my archive is showing four posts (with this being the fifth) for the month of march… want to know a secret though? *stage whispers* it was only three!

i keep on promising to do better but i never do, lol. will april be the month i finally become a responsible blogger?? who knows?? certainly not me!
in my february wrap up i wrote “here’s to hoping march is a better month!” and i’m dying of laughter NO BESTIE NO MARCH WAS A BLOGGY TRAINWRECK 🤣

-a LOT of radio silence appreciation
-me being dramatic
-traumatic book recommendations
-basically me shoving down a bunch of books down your throat
-and trying to justify it

-pros and cons about the hype
-gushing about books where the hype served me
-disliking popular books
-and hiding under a rock after listing them
-books that’ll make or break your heart

-[one of] my favourite tropes
-found family quotes that’ll (hopefully) convince you to read the books
-me going RABID over the said books
-just…found family in all it’s rag-tag glory

(the book) INCLUDES
-lush, arabian inspired fantasy
-gorgeous writing
-soft broken boys
-and deadly vicious girls
-and a bit of a disappointment tbh 🙈

i don’t think i DNFed any books this month! my average rating was 3.69 (i’m not counting the sobh installments anymore because they’re too short to be rated properly) which was a drastic drop from february’s 4.02 (counting sobh) i guess i finally hit a block in my mostly-four-or-five-star-reads streak, lol.

all covers linked ❤ (for sobh, it’s the titles)

The Belles//this is a beast wrapped in ribbons and dresses. i can’t help but think how misleading the cover is, as gorgeous as it is. this book is so awful and has one of the nastiest villains ever too. it’s eerily similar to society right now, with it’s obsessions with obtaining the ‘perfect body’ the hourglass figure and rosy lips and deepest blue eyes. -a nasty page turner that i’d recommend to those looking for a light YA fantasy with pretty dresses and despicable villains.

The Night Circus//YOU GUYS, THIS BOOK. i’m utterly incoherent when it comes to this book and the abstract, lyrical prose. the aesthetics, the imagery, the writing, the characters- I NEED MORE!! and yet the ending was hauntingly perfect.

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder//this was such a letdown ah. i enjoyed the second half of the book but just couldn’t get interested in the characters!

Good Girl, Bad Blood//second book syndrome what? this book EXCEEDED all my (non existent) expectations! easily, easily better than the first book! i LOVED the mystery in this, Pip’s character and RAVI kfgfakfkg #ship!

As Good as Dead//my only dislike was that the ending felt off. other than that, i love this book so very much!! the friendships! the romance! the messed up mystery! also Pip– can we talk about her character growth for a moment?? because she has changed SO MUCH and holy heck i love it! this, THIS IS CHARACTER GROWTH.

The New Girl//this book defies all genres. what is it, a mystery? a romance? a contemporary? who knows?? it’s a mash up of every genre [besides SFF] sprinkled with indonesian culture and discussions on racism within the poc community. also that conclusion was the best thing ever!

Dial A for Aunties//y’know the feeling of your stomach hurting because you’ve been laughing too much?? yes, that’s me with this book. DAfA might’ve been a little unrealistic at times but it was a ride!

The Book of Cold Cases//hmm… this one’s a thriller that gave me the seven husbands of evelyn hugo vibes but make it darker and paranormal. i enjoyed the first half but didn’t like the supernatural turn the book took.

The Wicker King//i literally cannot get this book out of my head. i think the reason it stands out to me is because of its theme and message. you can try your best and still fail. and that’s okay, it’s not your fault. i just-this ripped me into shreds and i need more of k ancrum. (and jack and august and rina. MORE)

The Legend of the Golden Raven//this is a 40 page sneak peak/retelling of the wicker king from the point-of-view of jack’s and it broke me… when it comes to these characters- august/jack/rina/peter/roger i will always want more. these kids deserve a nap and homemade cookies 😪

Crier’s War//this is a 400+ pages book but i practically inhaled it in two sittings. what can i say- it was a.d.d.i.c.t.i.v.e. read this if you like slowburn sapphic enemies to lovers/political intrigue and amazing plot twists/complex characters and tight friendships/gorgeous, gorgeous writing AND A TIDEPOOL SCENE THAT WILL WRECK YOUR HEART.

Iron Heart//oh hello there, the sapphic fantasy-sequel of my dreams. these characters will forever have a special place in my heart 😭❤️i loved this a whole lot more than the first book because of the character growth! it is absolutely phenomenal! ayla remains my favourite MC but i grew to adore crier too, in this one!

It Ends With Us//is there anything more crushing than one of your most anticipated reads not living up to your expectations? [no, there is not] suffice to say, this was boring and i don’t get the hype.

Hypatia to Julian and Emma (sobh #1.27)//i really didn’t care about this one-

Julian to Helen and Aline (sobh #1.28)//i need m o r e of kit and julian together 😭

Tessa to Sophie (sobh #1.29)//HELLO 112 I’D LIKE TO REPORT MY MURDER- this book freaking murdered me!! I MISS THE INFERNAL DEVICES CREW SO MUCH😭😭 especially the tessa/sophie friendship, gosh!!

Dru To Kit (sobh #1.31)//i just KNOW that dru and kit are going to have one of the best friendships in wicked powers!! also i LOVE dru so much!! icon-

Helen to Julian (sobh #1.32)//…i miss tavvy *cries*

here are some snippets news on the february bookish world includes my favourite posts, book releases and more (not in chronological order)
i thought it would be fun to make a list on the happenings of the blogs and authors i follow
all linked to the posts accordingly.

💫Riddhi @whisperingstories has created a wonderful Holi tag [post] that i now need to do asap ahh!
💫Phoenix @a book with wings wrote a fantastic discussion on why we should reread books [post] and i 100% agree with her points!
💫April Lee @bookedtillmidnight writes an extremely creative post which i cannot for the life of me stop rereading [post] and compares books to punctuation styles!
💫Selina @the never ending writers types up a post on paperback vs digital books [post] and it has PROS AND CONS so basically i love it!!
💫Suhani @random readers rambles writes a very brave post on things she doesn’t like about her favourite, popular books [post] and i uhh… pretend to not see radio silence on the list…😂
💫Rachel @a bookworms paradise types up a very creative post on characters she’d take along for a heist [post] and makes me feel iNtEnSe EmOtIoNs about HEISTS gosh!! (I LOVE heists!)
💫Naemi @a book owl’s corner writes an amazingly hilarious post where she recommends books based on weird duolingo sentences [post] and the mention of ‘winternight’ MADE MY DAY!
💫Kaya @a fictional bookworm writers a fantastic post where she recommends fantasy books to people who want to get into the genre [post] and it’s FANTASY themed so i obviously adore it!
💫Fanna @fanna for books recommends adult sci-fi fantasy books by authors of colour [post] that i desperately need to read now!

march was the month of QUEER FANTASY!! so many fantasy books released this month, i can’t want to get my hands on them ahh!! here are some of my anticipated march releases, all titles linked ❤

📖Lakelore//queer magical realism + neurodivergent, non binary teens falling in love + magical worlds under lakes + gorgeous writing
📖Gallant//gothic atmosphere + mysterious family histories + demons + magic + unique houses!!
📖Blood Scion//ownvoices fantasy inspired by yoruban religion + revenge story + complex characters + lush writing + dark fantasy!!
📖A Magic Steeped in Poison//asian inspired fantasy + magical tea brewing + court politics +  backstabbing competitor’s + girls ready to burn the world for their family!!
📖Wild and Wicked Things//SAPPHIC GREAT GATSBY + historical fantasy + blood curses + pining + dark witchcraft + m u r d e r + nonbinary lesbian bloodwitches!!
📖One For All//genderbent historical retelling of ‘three musketeers’ + ownvoices for POTS representation + GIRLS WITH SWORDS + queer characters
📖City of Dusk//QUEER DARK FANTASY + desi necromancers + chaotic bisexual gremlins + lush prose + vengeful gods + a world of bone and shadow magic

i usually add the ‘author news’ after this but i was extremely inactive in march so i’ve no idea as to what’s going on except the fact that the release date of ‘Some Mistakes Were Made’ has been moved to May 10th. [post]
…don’t mind me i’m just crying because [one of] my most anticipated releases of april has been postponed..!

this month i *finally* designed some better end-of-post graphics, lol!

THE REVIEW GOALS…. i reviewed only two books this month too 😂

The Charm Offensive

The Henna Wars
Tweet Cute

Letters to the Lost

in March, i really enjoyed mysteries so i am going to (try) and read a few more this month! I’m back in my mystery/thriller element and am SO HERE for it 🙌🏽 i’ve 100% given up on reading Cinder and Pivot Point, lol! still have some hope for red white and whole though…

This Violent Delights//ok, I’ve already read this one so it feels like cheating to add this to my April tbr 😂 but am adding it regardless. it’s an upper YA/adult dark academia x contemporary that gave me Wicker King vibes!! Paul and Julian are seriously so so so messed up and intense, it gets overwhelming at times- but i guess that’s what the book was attempting to do 👀 this one’s definitely going to stay with me for a while…

Children of Blood and Bone//i read a bit in march when i borrowed it from the school library, it’s a west African fantasy inspired by Yoruba mythology! I’ve heard a LOT about the world building! this one has been on my tbr for a while and my library has a copy, so why not?

Red White and Whole// i uh, i have no explanation as for why I haven’t read this one yet 😭 I’ve been wanting to read it since the start of 2022, i have the book AND my Goodreads friends have recommended it to me! I’m hoping that I’ll finally pick it up this month 👀 it’s a -supposedly- heartbreaking novel in verse about an indian-american girl that tackles what it means to be biracial.

Criminal Intentions// it’s a mystery series featuring queer characters and that’s honestly all I’ve ever wanted 🥺🙌🏽 the fact that it’s only 200ish pages makes me more excited to read it, lol.

Verity//i recently read Hover’s It Ends With Us….and was extremely disappointed 😭 this one is supposed to be less on the romance and more on the thriller aspect so am willing to give it a chance! also, it’s about a writer uncovering a mystery (i think??) and YES PLEASE.

Tell Me an Ending//this novel is a debut circling a tech company who deletes unwanted memories, peppered with suspense, mystery and dark consequences…. and it sounds exactly like my type of novel aaah!

League of Liars//Elena has been after me to read this 😂 plus it’s a fantasy-thriller with HEISTS and FOUND FAMILY!! also it’s a courtroom drama ahh!! and that cover is a work of art ❤

The Red Palace//so you’re saying that this book has murder, secrets, spies and political intrigue all wrapped up in a historical retelling of 1700s Korea?? how can i NOT resist this?!

march was really hectic but overall also kinda fun! i’m hoping that april is better ❤ i’m really excited to delve into all these wonderful mystery books…also here’s to hoping that i finally review ‘the charm offensive’ and read ‘red white and whole’ 😂😂


thanks for reading!
Goodreads | My blog | Storygraph | Pinterest | Instagram
-ash ❤

5 thoughts on “What Happened in March?|| ft being DEAD in the bookish community + 3 books in a day [!!?] and a month i don’t remember passing by

  1. I LOVE THE NIGHT CIRCUS!!! 🥰 It’s so amazingly atmospheric and magical that the fact that you love it too is enough to make me forgive you for not particularly liking AGGGTM, which I also love and think is miles better than its sequel 😁

    And lololol, one should never go back, read drafts of one’s first novel, and expect anything than utter horrendousness 🤣 Mine was a pirate story called High Tide, and the parts that weren’t mind-numbingly boring were so terrible that I am absolutely flabbergasted I could ever have thought I might eventually publish the book one day 🙈🙈 So I relate to your struggles!!

    Also, thanks so much for mentioning my post 🥰 You just made my day!


  2. HA i didn’t quite make it 3 books in a day but i DID read 3 books over a weekend in march which is mindnumbing considering my usual reading pace. so yeah march was all over the place for me too.
    thank you for the shout out!!


  3. omg i LOVE the night circus!! and i also read as good as dead this month and ASDFGHJKL. i LOVE the romance between ravi and pip it’s so pure!! but omg pip’s character arc is absolutely insane tbh. and three books IN A DAY??? ash that’s incredible!! thank you so much for mentioning my post💜 i hope you have a wonderful april!!


  4. sadjsajdbsjhbjshbhs
    congraats on reading 13? books aahhh
    13 you say? ;)))
    you say 13 and then 15 and 18


  5. YOU READ SO SO MANY BOOKS?!??!??! HOW?!?!?!?!? I BEG OF YOU TO TEACH ME YOUR WAYS. I READ A TOTAL OF 2 BOOKS IN MARCH I THINK?? BOTH OF WHICH WERE FOR SCHOOL, IT WAS NOT FUN 🤡 (one was Oscar Wilde and the other was a set of poems by Robert frost BOTH OF WHICH WERE KILLERS💀🔪)


    tests?? FUN?? ASH THOSE TWO WORDS SHOULD NOT BELONG IN A SENTENCE TOGETHER. Anyways I am also drowning in an overload of homework and I need help pls.😭
    Y-YOU CAN GO INSIDE THE MUSEUMS IN GOOGLE EARTH?? I AM SO SAD NO ONE TOLD ME THIS WHAT *obsessively stalks museums for the next 3 hours*

    3 BOOKS IN A DAY????? OMG YOU ARE SUPERIOR (also hope you’re feeling much much better now ❤ )

    AHHH THANKS FOR MENTIONING MY POST, IT MEANS THE ABSOLUTE WORLD TO ME!!!💖( also ahem I also choose to ignore that I ever said anything bad about radio silence, it was totally a fever dream )

    OH OH OH ALSO I’M CURRENTLY READING ONE FOR ALL AND IT’S PRETTY GOOD SO FAR!! I haven’t continued reading it in like 1 and half weeks but we shall kindly choose to ignore this thank you. BUT I GOT MY PREORDER MERCH THE OTHER DAY IN THE MAIL AND NOW I’M EXCITED TO CONTINUE IT AGAIN AHAHHA.



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