2023 tbr//in which i’m surprisingly optimistic and perhaps a little deluded.

YOU ALL KNOW THAT I *LOVE* ADDING BOOKS TO MY TBR there’s a certain delight in hitting the ‘want to read button’ on goodreads and seeing the tbr count tick up from 20* to 2000. and what better excuse to add books to the pile, than to participate in the 12 in 12 bookish challenge? i asked my friends to recommend me their favourite books and was pleasantly surprised by the diversity, both in the content of the books and in the genres! for once, i’m actually going to try to read these books lol. they all sound so deliciously…

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Top Books of 2022

IT’S THAT TORTOROUS TIME OF THE YEAR…WHEN I CHOOSE BETWEEN MY FAVOURITES OF 2022 i had a pretty good reading year but compared to 2021 my ratings have definitely gone lower. i had 10 stars out of 150, that’s 15%. i don’t know if i’m becoming more picky in handing…

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Ophelia After All by Racquel Marie

4.5⭐find this review on goodreads! (BR with suhani and recommended by anoushka!) cAN I TAKE A MOMENT OR TWO OR A YEAR TO FLAIL OVER THE GORGEOUSNESS OF THIS BOOK?? this is the best contemporary debut that i have ever read. full stop. this was so hauntingly gorgeous and perfect…

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Daughter of the Moon Goddess-Sue Lynn Tan

find this review on goodreads2.5 ⭐ Titles are inherited, talent might be blood-bound, but true greatness lies within. there are over a hundred feelings that a human experiences in their lifetime and as i closed this book, i felt a dull disappointment.  i know that this is a fantasy favourite…

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~Dance on broken glass,
build castles with shattered dreams
and wear your tears like precious pearls.
-Anita Krizzan~

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hi Ash, I can tell u I am absolutely mesmerised reading this. You have a very storing connection with words. I hope you get to share this masterpiece with the world once your ready.

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